A Pair of Eagle Scouts on a Mission to Rally in Support of Scouting 

Project Brownsea was launched in the summer of 2020 by Jim Pooley and Michael S. Malone, two Eagle Scouts and lifelong Scouters who sensed the enormous recruiting obstacles looming on the horizon for local Councils as a result of ongoing challenges Scouting is facing.

Together, and with the full support of the national organization, Mike and Jim led the development of a marketing initiative designed to augment existing efforts by national BSA and local councils, who are facing tremendous barriers to introducing Scouting to new families at this extraordinary moment in time.

Why the name Project Brownsea?

We named our grassroots initiative for the island in southeastern England where Robert Baden-Powell established his first Scout camp in 1907.


Project Brownsea is an innovative digital recruitment campaign designed to increase the visibility of Scouting by meeting the next generation of Scout parents on the digital channels where they’re spending much of their time. We’re out to bring more than one hundred thousand families into the movement, raise the positive profile of Scouting, and create a platform for future, year-round digital recruiting efforts. 

We’re off to a great start. But it’s just that — a start.

Project Brownsea is here to make a difference.

With the help of hard-working volunteers and the financial support of generous donors, we can drive awareness of and interest in Scouting at the national level to amplify the recruiting efforts of local Councils across the country and continue the Scouting tradition for years to come. 

Let’s rally for Scouting together. On behalf of Project Brownsea and Scouts everywhere, we want to extend our sincerest appreciation for your support. 

Thank you.